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Buderim deserves their energetic voice to be heard in Parliament where solid debate and positive outcomes are won and delivered for you and your families.

We all know the problems and we know the solutions. 

Strong, consultative, and experienced leadership which delivers to Buderim communities what they deserve, and ongoing generations need is paramount.

Transport, environment, aged and medical care, education and training, jobs, industry and tourism, balanced development, small business, agriculture, animal welfare, safety, social wellbeing, and sense of belonging are all in the mix of our collective needs.

I offer you my comprehensive record of achievement as a measure that I have negotiated successfully over decades with opposing political persuasions to deliver desired outcomes your families currently enjoy.

 If you would like to hear a voice to the face of my posters lining the streets of Buderim you may wish to listen to my following radio ads.

As your elected representative I will address Councils wish list-

·        The decades of and inequitable under-investment in the State’s infrastructure responsibilities – specifically, our road and public transport network and regional Community facilities. 

What's needed-:

  1. ·        The $230 million funding shortfall for the duplication of the North Coast Rail Line from Beerburrum  to Landsborough.   
  2.          Arts, Convention and Multi-purpose exhibition centre. $100 million towards first stage
  3. ·        Contribute $20 million towards the $68 million required to deliver stage 1 of the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Stadium (to be matched by the Federal Government).
  4. ·        Animal welfare- responsible pet ownership and humane management of feral animals
  5. ·        Environment- to preserve the nature corridors including foreshores and liveability of our region for current and future generations as the region continues to grow. 
  6. ·        Education and training- Lifelong access to education and training for all ages at schools, TAFE and University or through reputable apprenticeship and traineeship providers. 
  7. ·        University to remain viable and integrated with the community offering a strong emphasis on encouraging research/ development and innovative business. Addressing to resolve current and future needs and concerns and creating new age employment opportunities.
  8. ·        Medical care- access to medical and alternative preventative services for all.
  9.         Public Housing projects to be increased and made available sooner.
  10. ·        Providing a clear economic stimulus for our Sunshine Coast that creates jobs when and where they are needed most.
  11.         Child care support for our working parents.
  12.         Very importantly is animal welfare. Responsible pet ownership must be enforced along with humane methods in culling feral animal.
  13.        Puppy farms should also be strongly regulated with spot checking on breeders to ensure high standards of care and animal welfare are maintained.  

All elected representatives must work together in the best long term interests of our community.

I acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibara Peoples as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Sunshine Coast and pay my respects to their elders past present and emerging.

Our Purpose in Life- "ask not what your country can do for you but rather, what can you do for your country." Keep Australia safe, and give our youth a sense of purpose, service, pride and belonging. Join the Army Reserve.
No need for our young men and women to roam the streets idle causing mischief. Many wonderful opportunities and a wide range of skills are available for our youth in building camaraderie, teamwork, and skills across a wide range of interests. Medical, hard artillery, veterinary, marine, air force, combat, and disaster management are some of the modalities taught in the Army reserve. E
Pictures from the Army reserve Webpage promoting the various occupations available through army reserve.

ANIMAL WELFARE- is high on the list of concerns. I believe puppy farms MUST be highly regulated and responsible pet ownership be enforced to protect our beloved fury friends from abuse both physically and emotionally. Animal food sold at the Super Markets must also meet nutritional standards. I congratulate all those who work and campaign for animal welfare. As a past Patron and now life member of the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge I commend the tremendous amount of work and dedication by those who care with compassion in all these animal rescue organisations. Alison pictured here Penny Brischke President Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge Society (SCARS)

Protection against sexual predators.

Talking about whether serial sex offenders should be on public file I say yes. For at least five years probation anyhow. How else do you protect yourself and your children if you can not be prepared for another attack. I have just watched the current ABC Australian Story series re lovely Di who was stalked for five years. The ridiculous length she had to go to to get a conviction, only for the predator to have a wrap on the knuckles by the legal system for 12 month period behind bars when the legal penalty is 10 years. Having been the victim of stalking over an 8 year period I believe more has to be done in enforcing laws. All the best Di, I hope you can find some joy in life.

Yet to be confirmed and subject to having read fully the proposed legislation re the following sensitive are my thoughts regarding Early stage abortion and Compassionate euthanasia.

Personally I don't like abortion. However there are some circumstances when this very personal decision rests with the person and the circumstances which surround their predicament. I am not one to judge another and unless I can put myself in someone else's shoes I dare not. If such a situation arose and all government regulations have been met including medical and psychological assessment then an informed decision rests with that individual to make the choice. 

To take one's own life is not a natural desire and one that you would wish to prevent. If a person has no hope of recovery enduring unbelievable prolonged suffering I appreciate that they have a right to make their own choice. Again there are very strict legal measures and regulations that must be met for those who chose to bring their inevitable death forward. Subject to the strict guidelines in the new legislation I will probably vote in favour. At the recent meeting of the candidates for the Buderim all agreed, subject to information contained within the proposed legislation, and if the utmost scrutiny was embedded in that proposal ,then in principle we all agreed that we would support early dying. I will not stand in judgment of another in regard to these issues. Each case should be given rigorous compassionate investigation and consideration.

Mandatory vaccinations- : The complexity of the 'mandatory vaccinations' has two very valid arguments. I have first-hand seen the reaction some have had to immunisation and also the prompt medical intervention to overcome the reaction. It is very unpleasant but successful. 

On the other hand, I also was the guinea pig for the polio vaccination when I was born. My brother ( 2 years my senior) became a paraplegic and thousands  of children either died or were permanently disfigured or paralysed from polio. My mother did not want a second experience. 

I tend to believe in immunisation but feel there needs to be a lot more research and preparation done to recognising those susceptible to negative reactions. 

I am open minded when it comes to mandatory immunisation. I believe children should be immunised with caution and that every doctor's surgery be prepared with antidotes. I'm not a medical expert and do trust that the guidance they give is in the best interests of the community at large.